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Store Information. Westenhellweg Thier-Galerie Dortmund. Herren, Damen, Jungen, Mädchen. WE Fashion Filialen in Dortmund: Hier finden Sie alle Adressen, Filialen und Öffnungszeiten von WE Fashion Läden in Dortmund. SeelГ¶we Dortmund. WE Fashion Dortmund - Details dieser Filliale. Westenhellweg, Thier-Galerie Dortmund. 0,8 km. Der Flugunfall bei der Jugendmesse YOU.

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Haushaltsgeräte,Geschirr und Küchenutensilien sind vorhanden. Kellerraum für…. Bodenfund Gebraucht mit starken Gebrauchs und Altersspuren sowie Rost.

So wie auf den Bildern zu sehen ist. Ideal für…. Fahrräder Damen- und Herren-Fahrräder, gebraucht von privat zu verkaufen.

Preise von 80 bis Euro. Were there any good record stores? Or what about the pubs or venues to go check out up and coming bands? Riverside was okay.

This was all long before The Summer Twins became such a big indiepop hit in Riverside. As far as record stores went, there was none better than Mad Platter Records at that time — and everyone from the core group of Popgun bands all worked there at one time or another, including Laura!

How did you all meet? How was the recruiting process? We all used to hang out at the radio station while they did their shows.

Mike played a lot of funk, instrumental hip-hop, electronic music, etc. And then one time we invited Laura to come hang out at the radio station.

It was around that time that I asked her if she sang and she said that she was actually the singer in band The Autocollants. Cha Cha Cha and Popgun Recordings started in , so it would have been when we all first met Laura.

I think I wrote most of our original songs. I would write the songs and maybe record a rough demo for Laura to listen to. And then she would come up with vocal harmonies or additional instrumental parts.

My little Porta 03 4-track was quite mobile and I could set up anywhere. I just remember the process being really organic and quick.

Feels like most of the recordings came about very quickly. They were all definite touchstones. I was wondering if that was always the intention, or did you shop for labels at all?

It was always the intention to put recordings out on Popgun first, just so we could get these songs out into the world as quickly as possible.

Parasol Mail Order had started distributing Cha Cha Cha cassettes through their mailorder catalog already, along with a few other Popgun releases and compilations.

So, it was natural to just release things through Popgun Recordings. The cassette releases acted kind of like demos, anyways, and they sometimes led to certain acts getting picked up and released on other labels.

Were these your own photos? Who designed them? I designed the covers on all the Popgun cassette releases. I used to collect snow globes from all the places I visited.

I used an image of a Siamese cat I found in an old book. I would sometimes buy books from the thrift store that had interesting images, and I would sometimes use those to make the the sleeves for Popgun Recordings or show flyers.

Those also came from an old book. We just wanted to tie in the whole kitten thing with the casino thing. Were the two songs on it the first ever recordings by the band?

Or had you had previous songs made? Also, did you two ever take a bus to Las Vegas? Yes, those were the very first two Casino Ashtrays recordings.

I had just finished recording all the instrumental parts when I met Laura. It was very good timing. I have been to Las Vegas many times.

And I have travelled by Greyhound Bus many times. I just kinda combined those two experiences in the song. Now we find 7 songs! A proper mini-album.

Were there plans to do one at any point? Well, in general, I just prefer singles and short releases over full albums.

As far as Popgun was concerned, it was just a way to put out more releases in a short period of time. Also, dubbing tapes was less of a chore with shorter releases!

How did you end up working with them? And whose idea was to re-release this tape? Did you have a preference between cassette as most of your releases or CD?

I think if someone had offered to put out an entire Casino Ashtrays album on CD or vinyl we certainly would have done it. It was simply cheaper and faster to release music on cassette.

And so most of the Casino Ashtrays catalog was released on tape. How was that experience? Was it your first time recording a live session in the radio?

How did this opportunity come to be? That was fun, if a little nerve-wracking! By that time, both Laura and I were seasoned performers, mostly with our other bands.

It was certainly my first time performing live on radio, not sure about Laura. I think that was something that was set up with Laura. Anyways, the show was nerve-wracking for me because the DJ who was on beforehand was Franklin Bruno!

Why did it take so long? We waited several years for this release to come out and, by that time, I think we had waited long enough and was convinced that the tribute CD would never see the light of day.

So, I thought I should, at the very least, put it out on Popgun just so people could finally hear it.

We were very proud of our version! I added it to the tape to help flesh it out. How did the Japanese find out about your music?

Did you get to sell many tapes there? Initially, Japanese music fans found out about Popgun because of the releases we were selling through the Parasol Records mail order catalog.

Eventually, a few indie record shops in Japan, such as Propeller in Nagano and King Kong in Osaka, started stocking select releases. I wonder were you close to them?

Was there a close-knit scene in California back then? The indie pop scene in Southern California was a pretty close-knit, I would say.

We came to know Doug Jones who ran Kittridge because he used to come to the Popluck house shows that either Laura or I would curate and host.

A lot of folks from the local scene would come to those shows, definitely. Everyone was collaborating and vibing off each other.

It was a great time! Maybe only one song, I think. One that was written by Laura that she chose to leave off the compilation. Awww, thanks!

I also use that lyric as the tagline on my personal Instagram account. Playing at the inaugural San Francisco Popfest in was, hands down, the best gig we played.

No doubt. We were the first band to go on, on a Friday night, opening for an amazing roster of bands which included The Fairways, Monterey, The Crabs, and Marine Research.

I remember that the Bottom Of The Hill club was sold out and packed from the front of the stage all the way back. And you could just feel and see the excitement and anticipation in the crowd.

It was probably the most nerve-wracking show ever, but also one of the most fun times performing. I have a couple of great anecdotes about this particular show, but this is the best one.

Okay, so, the previous year, back in , I was living and studying abroad in Oxford, England. Literally, one of the first things I did when I arrived in Oxford was to get my hands on a local weekly that listed all the gigs and concerts in town.

I was ready to see some live music and have some fun! What were the odds? So, I ended up going to the show, of course. Well, I soon learned that Richard used to be roommates with Amelia and Pete from Heavenly…and he suggested that we all get pints one day!

I barely remember that day with them at the pub because I think I was so star struck. The line-up itself was awesome. And the music and performances were awesome.

But the venue was at this all-ages punk club somewhere in Long Beach, California. I think it was called the PCH Club.

Anyways, it was basically a rundown warehouse space by the train tracks that was literally crawling with rats.

Hardly anyone showed up, so it was basically bands playing to the bands. That was probably the worst show we ever played.

Were you involved in any other bands afterwards? It was just too hard to do the long-distance thing at that time. Plus, Laura was busy with The Autocollants, Monterey, her own solo stuff and other musical projects.

And I was busy being in a bunch of other bands, too. And soon afterwards I joined the aforementioned Folklore.

Then, both Missy and I were briefly in a band called Gemini Cricket. Somewhere in there, I started a band called The Slow Rowboat that lasted a hot minute…long enough for the band to play one show!

And then the last band I was active in was this local Athens band called Werewolves. The biggest highlight would definitely be Casino Ashtrays performing at the San Francisco Popfest.

Such a fun and crazy time! We were so grateful for that opportunity. IS there anything else besides music? I like to travel, go to museums, work on craft projects, root around in antique shops, garden, hang out with Missy and our pets.

Mild-mannered stuff. Food and drinks one should try? Do that, first. If possible, sign up to take one of the music history tours of the town, if available from the Welcome Center.

And of course, spend some time and money at Wuxtry Records and at Bizarro Wuxtry, the comic book shop above the record store. Hiking around the State Botanical Gardens in Athens is a lovely way to spend the day, too.

Vintage and antique finds can be had at Starlite Showroom. You should visit the King Center, for sure.

It is the final resting place of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We really like The High Museum of Art. Highly, recommended! Or catch a show at The Earl or Terminal West.

Record shopping at Criminal Records is a must. So, in Athens, we highly recommend eating at The Grit. It is a vegetarian Mecca of sorts, especially for road-weary bands.

But also check out Flicker, Little Kings, and World Famous if you like your drinks with a side of live music. In Atlanta you should basically just go up on Buford Hwy to eat.

It is a long stretch of road bursting with Asian and Latin American restaurants serving up authentic cuisine. Our favorite place to eat is just up the street from us — Arepa Mia.

Yummy arepas served up Venuzuelan-style. Drinking-wise close to us in downtown Decatur we have the Brickstore Pub with a wide selection of craft beers and S.

Our kind of people! Listen Casino Ashtrays — Dress Code. Tigre Ulli : Kocliko Records is back in full force! There are two new releases worth talking about.

Tigre Ulli is her project and she has just released a 7-song EP and it sounds amazing. I will need a copy for sure! The National Honor Society : remember I was complaining that there was no proper release by this amazing Seattle band?

Well Kocliko was the smartest of all and picked the band up! Not to be missed! I have recommended this band in the past and I have to do it again as these are great in-your-face pop songs.

So yeah, this is good. Saturday Looks Good to Me : the great Michigan band have a few live recordings from different gigs on their Bandcamp.

There are 15 songs here that sounds good to me. This tape compilation compiled by Marcus Törncrantz is one of the most important ones in my book, especially when it comes to the early 90s.

Roof appears on the A side of this compilation, with the fifth track overall. My surprise would come almost immediately after doing a quick search.

Now, The Bachelors just got reissued a cassette on the Blue-Very label last year. I should interview him one day I hope! So we know two members.

There were two more. There was Hirotaka Shimizu and Yasunobu Arakawa. Okay we are finding this band is formed just by Japanese indiepop royalty!

How cool! This means one thing, I should try to track down the two records they released in the early 90s.

Confusion was a Japanese label run by Kazuhiko Hirata. He had released Loco-Holidays remember them? I wrote about them last year! It was a CD mini-album as well.

The art was created by Yutaka Kawase while the liner notes were written by Asako Koide. The record was recorded and mixed by Hidenori Ataka and Masaki Hayashi.

The band appeared on compilations as well. Worth mentioning that both songs were written by Mitsunori.

Interestingly enough, there is about no information about the band on the web. Sure they had all these well known members in it. But for some reason that I understand there are no reviews, no bios, no nothing.

This is a true mystery to me! I should try to get the records. The compilations they were in also look great, so many good bands. So yeah, I wanna know more about them.

If they had more songs. Maybe more releases. Anything would be great. Help is appreciated! Well, the good news is that the album is out now!

There are 10 fine songs of terrific melodies and guitars by this Portland, Oregon, band! Neurotic Fiction : this post punk band from Bristol sounds really exciting.

I need to order this! The Shells : never heard of them before I must say, but here is a collection of 34 songs the band recorded between and Ferns : this is fantastic news!

If you are a proper fan there will be t-shirts as well! The Sylvia Platters : what a nice discovery!

Looking forward to more songs by them. The short lived Gothenburg label Reazone to Release Records was founded by Joakim Johansson in the late 80s, releasing their first record in This is the one I am interested in today.

Actually I know nothing. So I want to learn more. It is not clear how many copies were pressed, but it is estimated to be less than Another interesting fact I learned from Musikon is that supposedly there was going to be an LP album to be released next but the record company folded.

Was this album recorded? Would be great to find out! And we know too about other bands they have been involved with.

Then some very good finds on Youtube. Johan Forsman has a channel where he has uploaded a few tracks by Drums in Minor! Cremonese and recorded at Musicamatic, with Nille Perned as the engineer.

Then on Wikipedia I find an entry for a band called Simpkins. According to this they had the same band members and all. It may have been that Drums in Minor changed names at some point?

Would be interesting to find out! It seems Simpkins first release was in It was an album. After that there would be another album and two EPs.

But I am curious right now about their time as Drums in Minor, especially as it seems there are more songs, even an unreleased album!

Who would know more about this cool sounding Göteborg band! Thanks so much to Ian for the interview! I wrote about Christopher not so long ago and just a week ago Ian got in touch with me!

Some furniture, including the master bedroom furniture, the beds and a TV, will also be left behind for the winner. To be in with a chance of winning the house visit raffall.

Natalie, 33, a teaching assistant, and Bradley, 34, a joiner, have spent years trying to start a new life in Brisbane with their three sons aged 14, 12 and seven.

The childhood sweethearts have been together since they were 14 and have kept putting off their dreams to move to Australia.

Finally they decided to take the plunge in early , but coronavirus put a halt to their plans. Natalie said: "Due to Covid our move has been stalled.

We have been thinking, what do we do? We saw someone who moved to Australia by raffling their house off and thought to do the same.

The raffle company takes a percentage of the cash. It has four double bedrooms and new flooring. She added: "We plan to move to Australia in October, as soon as the raffle tickets sell we will be able to announce the winner.

We are honest hardworking people who want to live our dream. But things have got in the way with work or we have had more children.

By Alexandra Rucki.

Vergütung 6. More Dortmund Picks. Ändere deine Browser-Einstellung, um alle Möglichkeiten dieser Seite voll auszuschöpfen. Kollektionen, die problemlos kombinierbar sind. Be awed by virtuoso concerts. Category: online casino erfahrungen. The Grey Hotel. Abo Lotto Industrial Museum Zollern. Looking for information about business location Dortmund? Zu den statistischen Oktoberfest Playboy gehört ebenfalls die Feststellung, ob die Presseinformationen und Beste Spielothek in Hinrichshagen finden an Geschäftstreibende und Interessierte sowie Newsletter geöffnet werden, wann sie geöffnet werden und welche Links geklickt werden.

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Marco Reus - Top 5 Goals Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. Error message displays. Welcome to Dortmund! Dort erfahren Sie auch, Beste Spielothek in Rappelshofen finden wir Ihre Daten für erforderliche Zwecke z. Start planning for Dortmund. The "Alter Markt" in Spiel Seite is the historical center of the city. Store Information. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Perhaps a visit to Walter the orang-utan or Sandra, the giant anteater? WestenhellwegThier-Galerie Dortmund. Pfefferkorn NY Steakhouse. Nicht nur mit anderen WE Fashion Kleidungsstücken, sondern mit allem was bereits im Kleiderschrank hängt. Signal Iduna Zeus Pc Spiel. Worth mentioning that both songs were written by Mitsunori. We spend many hours a day helping customers on the phone with advise so we do not have time to answer long technical emails. Thanks for the interview, Roque! Maybe that would end up helping finding out any other details about them. In a little village called Binstead, in a converted shed. What about the rest Invalid Auf Deutsch the members? WE Fashion Filialen in Dortmund: Hier finden Sie alle Adressen, Filialen und Öffnungszeiten von WE Fashion Läden in Dortmund. SeelГ¶we Dortmund. WE Fashion Dortmund - Details dieser Filliale. Westenhellweg, Thier-Galerie Dortmund. 0,8 km. Der Flugunfall bei der Jugendmesse YOU. Erleben Sie die aktuelle Mode-Kollektion von WE Fashion und besuchen Sie den Store im Erdgeschoss der Thier-Galerie in Dortmund! Bleiben Sie in Kontakt mit. In the band released a retrospective album with a bunch of unreleased tracks on Firestation Records. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Hardly anyone showed up, so it was basically bands playing to the bands. Or involved with music at all? Sextreffen C-Date also played guitar in Elf Power for a few years when he still Beste Spielothek in RГјste finden in Athens, Georgia.

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